We install and sell solar power systems manufactured by the German company SOLARWORLD AG to private homes, apartment buildings, and production and office buildings. SolarWorld is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in Europe, with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. SolarWorld is one of the few companies that also makes solar battery elements (solar cells) for its panels.

The upside to electricity produced using solar panels:

  • the production of solar energy does not produce noise or waste gases;
  • there are no moving parts in the system which can wear out and break;
  • solar panels can be installed on different types of roofs, on facades or on the ground;
  • the system can easily be expanded;
  • the system does not require large maintenance costs;
  • with the help of solar panels the environmental impact of the electricity produced is quite low.


We offer

  • solar panels;
  • aluminium frames for panels on gabled roofs, flat roofs, and the ground, together with attachments;
  • inverter for connecting to the power network;
  • tuning of the inverter based on the micro-manufacturer’s applicable standards;
  • protocol for adjusting the inverter;
  • DC wiring and sockets.



Thanks to our reliability and professionalism, SolarWorld has issued us a certificate confirming that we are the official installer of SolarWorld solar panels in Estonia.

SolarWorld sertifikaat.pdf